Group Family Nurse Partnership

On this day, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Group Family Nurse Partnership (gFNP), facilitated by Anna and Emma, two FNP nurses, with five young mothers and their babies (all around five -six months of age).

The sessions are held in a Children’s Community Centre, which offers child care, pre-school, adult education courses, and other community services.

The sessions are held every two weeks, and today’s session was on emotional self-care. The format was structured but casual, and it was clear the young women had an easy relationship with the nurses and with each other. In the session, I spoke mainly with the young women, and heard about their experiences of the program.

They had all joined the group at around 18 weeks pregnancy, and were all due within a month of each other. The women talked about how positive it was to share the journey of pregnancy with other young women, and how the group setting reduced their feelings of isolation.

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