Canada road trip


I am very glad that we don’t have Tim Horton’s in Australia.

Verity and I have been enjoying the picturesque Ontario countryside, with many hot chocolate and snack pit-stops along the way. Of particular note are the Nutella pockets, imagine bite-size cinnamon donut pockets filled with Nutella.


Our road trip has been filled with laughs and music, provided by Indie 88.1 which in the city is Alternative Rock (think Triple J), but as we get further afield,  the frequency gets taken over by a French radio station (oooh-la-la, le disk jockey Francais….)

And then, as we turned another corner, a Pop radio station chimed in, so we ended up with a mash-up of One Direction, Mumford and Sons, and Charles Aznavour

2 thoughts on “Canada road trip

  1. OMG we so need Tim Horton’s in Australia. YUM. Think I have to mail bomb them to franchise here. I didn’t realise you were driving up into Canada. I’m looking forwards to hearing all about this part of your trip and how it contrasts with your experiences in the US. What will Ms Verity be doing while you are interviewing nurses?


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