Baby and me

The next day I attended a playgroup in the Saratoga Street, Brownsville Children’s centre, facilitated by Mimi, a social worker. This group meets for a weekly two hour session for a 3 month series. Many of the participants are NFP clients.

The sessions are semi-structured, with the first half of the session in mother and child semi-free play. At the session I attended, Mimi also was supported by a Social work student, who assisted with supervising the children’s snack time, while the mothers participated in a group discussion in the second half of the session.

Today’s discussion was about toddler behaviour, and Mimi was very skilled at eliciting knowledge from the group, that could be shared and built upon. The women were able to share their experiences, and later when I spoke to the women, they said this was a big part of the attraction of the group – that they didn’t feel so isolated in their parenting experience.

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This is a NFP nurse and her client and child, attending the group together.