Art and history in Washington

We saw some beautiful art. All the galleries and museums that form part of the Smithsonian are free.

I highly recommend the Hirshhorn gallery, the American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery.

wpid-20150411_104946.jpg wpid-20150411_105059.jpg wpid-20150411_112354.jpg

We had lunch in the courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery, and enjoyed eavesdropping on those around us. This group of role-players (bottom right) reminded us of home. Their role-playing characters were represented by Star Wars Lego figurines (can’t see this in the photo).


At the next table, there was a Book Club of four gentlemen, discussing Gaius Julius Caesar Commentaries on the Gallic War. One of the guys was reading his from a Kindle.


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  1. Oh! Oh! I used to have lunch there most days when I was an intern at the Portrait Gallery. I don’t remember that roof at all though. I loved the tiiiny bit I saw of Washington, all centered around the Smithsonian Museums. Did you a drive by the White House or go see Mr Lincoln?


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