A weekend in Washington

Little did we know that the weekend we chose to visit Washington was also the weekend of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Our “Hop on Hop off bus tour” was more of a “Stay on and Wait for the traffic and pedestrians to pass Tour”. In addition to the insane traffic jams, we were treated to a parade with marching bands, baton twirlers and floats, including a terrifying giant Care Bear. And the gorgeous, fragrant Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms on display.






4 thoughts on “A weekend in Washington

  1. Hi Catina

    Looks like and sounds like you are enjoying every minute of your travels. What an amazing experience !!!!


  2. OMG Tina, how bizarre is it that when I went to Washington it was the same time of year and on the weekend I spent in the city I saw exactly this festival? All the different marching bands lined up on the plaza was certainly different and kind of exciting (and loud!). No giant Care Bear though, so now I feel like I missed out on the true experience :-). Are you finished in this area now and getting ready to move on?


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