On Thursday, we met with Kristen, a nurse family partnership nurse working in the Brooklyn area. We met in a cafe where she was writing up her notes from the morning home visit.


Although her day is notionally 9-5, on this day her last home visit was going to be at 5.30pm, meaning a 7.00pm finish to the day. Appointments often need to occur after hours, as the babies get older, and the mothers are at work or school.

Kristen spoke about The Doula Project in New York, a program whereby women on low incomes can have a volunteer doula to support them in their birth. I hope to make time to speak to them next week.

On Friday, we met Judith our Homestay host for the forthcoming week. We left our bags with her, and flew to Washington for a sight-seeing weekend. She lives in a very old part of Brooklyn, in a heritage listed community.

This is the house:


And this is the street:


Before we left for Washington, we had breakfast around the corner from the house, a cafe which included a helpful guide to pronunciation.



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  1. I must say that although the hours seemed long…I know that many times working in EMCH were often well past 7.00pm. I guess I get a bit of solace that there are many out there over the world that also adhere to the dedication needed by their career…we as nurses are very dedicated human beings!


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