New York, New York

We left Melbourne 32 hours ago, and have just arrived in our little basement apartment in Brooklyn. Too excited to sleep, so we did a quick Skype home, and took advantage of the free WiFi in the apartment to catch up on emails and Facebook. A lesson for future travels – don’t rely on free Wifi in US airports. It was flaky and unreliable.

Our delayed arrival in NY was a result of bad weather in Sydney. It felt a little bit like the Butterfly Effect, where the butterfly’s wing in the Amazon causes a typhoon in the Pacific. The intricacies of connecting flights meant that our flight from LAX to NY was delayed by 6 hours, while we waited for the delayed Sydney-siders to make their way across.

We had an excellent and entertaining taxi-driver – Edwin, a Haitian Cuban, who happily spoke to us in Italian, French, Patois, and of course American. We laughed for most of the trip and he had some great suggestions for our recovery day tomorrow.

The photo below is taken by Verity from the plane window, as we flew in to New York.


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  1. Now I just need someone to work for the next 4 days at ….MCH centre? Oops sorry I forgot you are in New York!!!!!


      1. Good luck in your travels Catina, I wish I was there with you, what a fabulous adventure to embark on 🙂


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