We’re leaving in a few hours. It has been a week of farewells and three months away from home…well, that feels like a long time to be away.

Today, I am grateful for the wise counsel of Eve Wintergreen. Last week, we were at a very loud party, and in a quiet corner I was telling her about the tears that have been so close to the surface, every time I think about leaving. She reminded me that the pain I am feeling is because of the stretch that comes with big emotions. It is the stretch that enables us to grow.

This is a big stretch.

6 thoughts on “Stretching

  1. You are stretching your wings Catina…one that I think has been a long time in waiting. You are doing this in passion at the same time enriching Verity’s growth. Three months from family, although it sounds a long time will come quickly. You will appreciate many things way more than you ever did. Family, work, passions and life in general. Learn from it my friend as you are about to leave the chrysalis…the cocoon…and bring those wings into full flight and view the world at a whole new level. A level you once never thought possible.


  2. Darlings Tina and Verity, Now you are about to wing your way to the US. Have a safe and exciting trip. Enjoy every minute. Love Barbara and Andrew


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