Hello world.

Tues 07 Apr Recovery day
Wed 08 Apr Staten Island Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)
Thurs 09 Apr Brooklyn – Home visits
Fri 10 Apr Writing up day – Fly to Washington
Sat 11 Apr Free time (Washington)
Sun 12 Apr Free time (Washington)
Mon 13 Apr Lancaster NFP
Tues 14 Apr Lancaster NFP

Verity to attend a Mennonite school

Wed 15 Apr Lancaster NFP

Verity to attend Lancaster Country Day School

Evening Train to NYC

Thurs 16 Apr New York City NFP Supervisor meeting, in Long Island City, Queens
Fri 17 Apr Writing up day
Sat 18 Apr Free time (New York)
Sun 19 Apr Free time (New York)
Mon 20 Apr Home visit  – Queens/Brooklyn

Verity to attend La Guardia Public High School

Tues 21 Apr Home visit  – Queens/Brooklyn
Wed 22 Apr Home visit  – Queens/Brooklyn
Thurs 23 Apr Home visit  – Queens/Brooklyn
Fri 24 Apr Writing up day
Sat 25 Apr Free time
Sun 26 Apr Free time  – Fly to Toronto
Mon 27 Apr Hamilton FNP
Tues 28 Apr Professor Harriet MacMillan,

& Ms Debbie Sheehan

McMaster University
Hamilton, ON

Wed 29 Apr Hamilton FNP

Verity to attend local school

Thurs 30 Apr Toronto FNP
Fri 1 May Writing up day
Sat 2 May Free time (Canada)
Sun 3 May Free time (Canada)
Mon 4 May Writing up day
Tues 5 May Departing: TORONTO ON. CA
Wed 6 May Arriving: LONDON HEATHROW, UK
Thurs 7 May Recovery day

SONY photography exhibition – tickets purchased

Sat 9 May Free time – Hamburg
Mon 11 May Dr Jane Stuart,

University of London

Tues 12 May Mary Griffiths

Group Family Nurse Practice (gFNP) site visits

Wed 13 May gFNP site visit –  Enfield team
Thurs 14 May gFNP site visit – Lambeth team,
Fri 15 May Writing up day
Sat 16 May Free time
Sun 17 May Free time
Mon 18 May Lindsay Andrews

FNP Clinical Advisor and Educator

Family Nurse Partnership National Unit

Tues 19 May FNP site visit
Wed 20 May gFNP site visit – Bristol team
Thurs 21 May NFP – Cardiff
Fri 22 May NFP – Cardiff
Sat 23 May Wales – Free time
Sun 24 May Wales – Free time
Mon 25 May NFP – Glasgow – Gail Trotter
Tues 26 May NFP – Glasgow
Wed 27 May NFP – Glasgow
Thurs 28 May NFP – Edinburgh – Alison Oxley
Fri 29 May NFP – Edinburgh – Fiona Stuart
Sat 30 May Free time
Sun 31 May Free time
Mon 01 June Italy/France
Tues 07 July

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  1. As you cross the border into Wales, you’ll find castles, castles, castles! You’ll also be very near to Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths, which I’ve never been to but it’s on my list. As you’re driving up to Scotland, you could drive through Shrewsbury too, it’s beautiful and interesting as well if you like the Ellis Peters medieval mystery novels. So much to do! So much to see!

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  2. I approve of this itinerary. Except maybe I would just spend all my time in New York going “Wow, look at THAT!” ad infinitum.


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